“Yellowstone Revived”

Yellowstone was the first National Park ever in America and it is a major landscape to behold. One of the exciting things about this oldest of parks is how it has revived itself all the way back to how it truly was over 100 years ago.
Now, the bison have been appropriately restored to their rightful habitat and are today a herd of 5ooo.
Can you see the bison protecting her calf in this oil painting? Are you surprised that you didn’t see it right away?
That is exactly how it happens to you when you are standing in front of this yellow landscape. First you marvel at the expansive view and suddenly find yourself startled to see a bison so close and in plain sight you feel shocked you didn’t see it there from the beginning.

I have painted this oil ~ so you will have the same experience ~ while gazing into this painting, you suddenly discover the bison are there in front of you!