” TRANSEPT, GRAND CANYON National Park,Arizona”- FITZ Maurice


GRAND CANYON is a Monumental experience and I have finished this Oil Painting that was so inspired by being there. I made it through the gates and was painting in perfect weather, so fortunate to have that sublime experience – then they closed the Parks !

I must do what I can to Promote and Protect the Parks ! I have thought of many ideas to help and am always open to suggestions !

Reading John Muir in the National Forest last week has stirred me as an artist – I want to do all that I can do to insure the safeguard of the greatest of all gifts given to us as American’s.  It is always clear to me as I am walking through the Parks that many people who are around me are speaking another language, they have come from other countries to witness the Grandeur !

I was moved by a senior couple who had flown in from the Netherlands.They came back to this National Park to celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary by being photographed in front of the same Sequoia Tree that they knew would still be standing there. After all that planning, expectation and expense, they were barred from entering the Park, due to  the government forcing the parks to close their gates.

Our National Parks are the finest Branch of Peace we have to offer the World !  FITZ Maurice