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  Horseback riding in Bryce Canyon National Park was an absolutely thrilling experience ! That is if you are into a cliff hanging experience – on an animal you just met ! There I was riding “Blaze”, going down insanely steep sandstone slopes, spiraling ever more till the bottom. Then it dawned on me –…

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GRAND TETON,Wyoming – Imagine being there during sunset !

On my QUEST to capture the ultimate scene of every National Park in the America. Grand Teton is called the Mountains of Imagination. This oil painting captures the last light of the sun setting on the these wild west mountains.Come to Studio Party – see this painting and many others tomorrow – SATURDAY/December 6 (12…

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Horseback Riding Through Autumn

  Exhilarating to be on a horse exploring the Autumn colors that lace the evergreen forests. Always on the look out for wildlife and sure enough saw a hungry fox and footprints of a bear who had recently wandered by ! Healing for the spirit that feels free when immersed in the beauty and the…

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