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STUNEWSLAGUNA.COM ~ Today’s News ~ May 24, 2016

Editor. Note: Artist Fitz Maurice has set out to paint live at all of the US National Parks. She will be submitting her stories from the road to StuNewsLaguna from time to time. Saguaro National Park: a drawing and painting quest Story and photos by FITZ MAURICE I had a lot to learn about the…

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Saguaro, icon of the Southwest is the latest stop on my quest for the national parks’ great outdoors By FITZ MAURICE You might not be able to pronounce “saguaro” but you do know this treelike cactus as the icon of the southwest. You’ve seen the saguaro as that funny human-figured cactus with its arms raised…

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FITZ and Saguaro with Muscles !

FITZ Maurice with Saguaro cactus in Saguaro National Park, Arizona   This Saguaro stands about 70 ft. tall and weights in at several tons ! They are the largest cactus in the United States. Look at those huge arms and they are covered with 2 inch spines on their ribs ! It can be a…

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