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Talk about starting at the Top – Bryce Canyon National Park is a Fortress of Orange limestone. Yes, it is truly, dramatically, bright orange with pinks and yellow ochers in mass, as far as the eye can see. When the sun is casting it’s magical prisms of light on these already vibrant colors – the result is captivating ! You will be rendered speechless. We are talking mega monumental beauty that vibrates with a spiritual intensity that permeates the very air you are breathing in.
Then it happened – it SNOWED ! This is the primo ultimate experience that could possibly happen and it is mine !
I woke up cold in the early morning – that’s when I saw the snow outside – literally jumped into tons of wool and hit the trail to none other than INSPIRATION POINT ! Unbelievable how I was lead to this point on this outstanding morning.
A Great Day In The Morning – the kind that makes you feel glad that you are alive.  This is the maximum opportunity for any artist, to capture Bryce Canyon at its most majestic. Imagine seeing orange, pink and yellow spires topped with white, glistening snow that turns this dramatic beauty into a world-class vision ! Then and there, I felt filled with an awareness that I was in fact, standing in one of the the most perfect places on the planet Earth, as I was breathing in the crisp air and blinking my eyes to believe the awesome vision before me this morning. Only a few of us braved the cold, snowy morning but we knew we had been blessed with the ultimate experience Bryce Canyon National Park offers !
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