Horseback riding in Bryce Canyon National Park was an absolutely thrilling experience ! That is if you are into a cliff hanging experience – on an animal you just met !
There I was riding “Blaze”, going down insanely steep sandstone slopes, spiraling ever more till the bottom. Then it dawned on me – the inevitable ride all the way back up!
This adventure is not for the weak of knee – in fact – you are grateful when you have safely returned.
What an amazing way to get deep into the the real mysteries of such a fantasy place as Bryce Canyon. In fact we rode through Fairyland – down there in the inner sanctum. I did thank my horse for being willing to carry me further than I ever could walk, up and down trails that wind through astonishing scenes that dazzled my eyes as everything glowed orange and pink against a silvery mirror sky.
Let me encourage you to Get Out – Get Outside – Get in Your National Parks ! Take yourself, your family, your friends and play outside in the monumental beauty and peace of your Parks. There are 9 National Parks in California alone ! Before you leave on your planned summer road trip or business trip, check out what National Park is near-by and start the romance.  You can truly refresh your spirit and body, slowing down that mind – when you let yourself breathe beauty deeply in  – letting go of all other things !


FITZ Maurice riding “Blaze” up Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, May 2015