“SERENE,Bandelier National Park”FITZ an Advocate for National Parks

National Park Series 12x16 Oil Hi Res Jpeg

National Parks are every American’s Birthright ! They are also the finest gift we offer to the world as a branch of World Peace ! It is always clear to me as I am walking through the Parks that many people who are around me are speaking another language, they have come from other countries to witness the Grandeur ! I was moved by a senior couple who had flown in from the Netherlands.They came back to this National Park to celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary by being photographed in front of the same Sequoia Tree that they knew would still be standing there. After all that planning, expectation and expense, they were barred from entering the Park, due to the government forcing the parks to close their gates.These National treasures are too precious for short sighted politicians to be toying with !