Have You Seen This Animal ?



What is funny about this animal is that you can walk by it 5 feet away and never see it right in front of you ! In fact, when I was hiking the Paradise side of Mt. Rainier with a group of hikers  – they couldn’t make out this critter even when I pointed right to it ! Why – because they blend with the landscape as if they were dressed in camouflage.

This is the Hoary Marmot ! They live in the subalpine regions of the Pacific Northwest and love to eat the meadow vegetation that is abundant there. They are named for the grizzled grey fur on their shoulders and upper back – which fades to brown on the lower back. It is because their fur is variegated earth tone colors that they are so completely disguised -as  they utterly blend with the rock piles they dominate. I must say that once I saw one and knew how to spot their invisible act – then I saw 10 and how prolific marmots are right under your nose.  It was so funny how other hikes never saw one – they couldn’t seem to adjust their eyes to see the magic show of how Marmots remain invisible – while in plain sight !

I thought it was hysterical  – how this particular Marmot claimed it’s throne and boldly sat atop it  – as if to laugh at all of us who walked close by and remained oblivious to its prevalent presence.


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