Mount Rainier ~ Sleeping Dragon


FITZ on the QUEST – takes the Tram up to see Mt. Rainier eye to eye !

MOUNT RAINIER – erupted only 1000 years ago – a drip in time out of millions of years. Its neighboring volcanic mountain – Mount St.Helens – erupted only 35 years ago – if that speaks more loudly to you. After that last eruption – now Mount Rainier stands 14,400. ft. high and is the icon shown on every license plate in the state of Washington. Rainier is the fiery gem in the Cascade Mountain collection.The Cascades extend from British Columbia to Northern California. It is rather alarming to realize that there are several active volcanic mountains in this range and then you are told that Mt. Rainier is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. In fact while sitting in the impressive Lodge of this National Park and viewing the public video on the big screen – I was shocked when it announced that Mt. Rainier is on the Decade Volcano list and if it were to erupt again –  the impact would be catastrophic !

All my feelings of awe and fear are wrapped up in this dragon metaphor – Mt. Rainier is a Dragon sleeping !