FITZ Maurice is “Heading Out” (as the cowboys say)  April 14,2015

This Laguna Beach based artist is leaving on a quest to paint live in all 59 National Parks. Passionately committed to helping promote and protect the National Parks, FITZ just purchased a 33-foot travel trailer and truck, planning to hit the road on a launch May 1st.

FITZ is a New York, Jackson Pollock Award-winning artist whose art is exhibited in museums and private collections worldwide. An artist all her life, FITZ began painting the National Park series three years ago and has now completed over 14 oil paintings.

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Submitted photos

Fitz and “The Rig”

FITZ is doing all of this on her own volition because the artist feels strongly that the nation’s parks are “the birthright of every American and should not be toyed with by politicians who are short sighted and greedy for money.

“To quote Theodore Roosevelt, ‘National Parks are for the benefit and enjoyment of the people’!

“With the recent news of a developer trying to build a mega mall in the Grand Canyon and now the Senate proposing to seize and sell America’s public lands including National Forests, wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, historic sites and national monuments, this landscape artist is compelled to set out and capture each park using her expressive signature technique and vibrant veils of color that require weeks of disciplined work.

“These magnificent land sites are irreplaceable,” she says. “Once any of these treasured national lands are seized, all others will be vulnerable. It is frightening to think how vulnerable they are in an age when leaders lack insight and mankind continues to manipulate and destroy nature and her perfect balance.”

FITZ goes on to say, “I am leaving everyone and everything to go out on the road to paint, write about, blog and report on our National Parks as they stand now. Being immersed in nature, I am filled with inspiration and hope to speak on behalf of the forests and mountains while among them – much in the way John Muir did. It has always taken the awareness of artists to raise the consciences of the people. I believe in the American people; they love and revere their National Parks and once aware of their peril, they will fight to keep them free and wild.

“I have come to realize that National Parks are a great subject with Americans and people around the world!  America’s National Parks are the best branch of peace we have to extend to the world.

“So many people have their own personal memories and family experiences that they esteem as some of the best times in their lives. I welcome supporters, sponsors and art collectors to contact me to request their favorite park, as I plan to paint the wonders and mysteries of each National Park.

“It takes courage to set out on such a mission, such a quest – I invite you to share my adventures, live vicariously through my discoveries of nature and interaction with wildlife, in future Stories From The Woods by FITZ Maurice – Exclusively with Stu News!”

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The public is invited to a Finale Farewell party at the artist’s studio, Sunday, April 19, 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. at 3251 Laguna Canyon Road, Studio F3