“The Birthright of Every American”

Having lived and painted in countries throughout Europe and in many states in America, I have found our national parks to be the most inspirational for me as an artist.

I have been on a quest for seven years, traveling to each of the 60 national parks to capture them in paint. I want to do all I can to help protect and promote our national parks. My goal as an artist is both to paint them iconically, so that they are distinguishable, and to reveal the unique wonders of each different national park, so you feel as though you are there.

Our national parks are like precious gems to me, each one uniquely different in its earthly wonders. Viewers see that each of my paintings is as different as the parks they represent.

Traveling and speaking about our national parks throughout the United States, I feel greatly reassured by the American people and how passionate they are about their parks! I encourage all Americans to remember that our national parks are the birthright of every American. The national parks do not belong to our government. As Theodore Roosevelt said, “The national parks are the people’s parks!”

Our national parks are also the greatest branch of peace that America offers to the world. A world of all different kinds of people travel far to be immersed in our national parks because there are fewer and fewer pure landscapes to enjoy anywhere on our planet.

As an artist, I feel that bringing people to beauty through art brings them closer to truth in their lives.

“Being in Glacier National Park was life changing for me when I was here two years ago. Glacier is one of the great national parks, and it merits its title, “The Crown of the Continent.” The glaciers here are very stressed by pollution and are melting away at an accelerating rate. We all want to do all we can to help Glacier National Park stay alive with glorious glaciers as its crown.”

“National Park Paintings” opens with an Artist Reception on Thursday, June 28, 2018. Maurice will give a public tour of the exhibition on June 30, and will be painting on location in Glacier National Park on Wednesday, July 18, at Lake McDonald. For more information, please visit


landscape paintings by Fitz Maurice -

“Imagine,Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming” ~ SOLD at Hockaday Museum of Art Opening !