Bison with Calf

If you didn’t”t see the Bison with Calf when you first saw the full landscape oil painting titled “Yellowstone Revived” ~ Do you see them now?

They are right up front in the oil painting and yet blend as one with the landscape. That is as nature is, All Is One with our ultimate Creator!

If you were standing there where I was when I was sketching this painting out ~ You would discover the Bison as I and others do ~ Surprisingly right there in plain sight but so very blended with their landscape that you actually do not see them at first!

Want to see me paint more National Parks and help Promote and Protect them as artists always have ?

I’m hoping to “Head Out” the end of this month of September and capture in paint the 4 National Parks in Colorado! I have already traveled to and created paintings of 40 of the 61 National Parks. It takes planning, searching and creating to accomplish each work of art, in each National Park!

Please help me continue on the Quest to paint every national park ~ I’m closer than ever to succeeding and this series NATIONAL PARK PAINTINGS was already honored with a Museum exhibition last year!

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