Birds Know Where You Are !


Remarkable Story – I have been studying the birds for years now – while I am painting outside live in the Parks. Finally I painted my first bird painting of a Steller’s-Jay – prevalent in all the central and northern California National Parks. Sold that painting to the first person who saw it -he lives in the woods and naturally understood the significance of the painting. My point is that the more you live outside the more you realize how that wildlife is so very aware of YOU and what you are doing !

The very same bird I painted KNOWS me and finds me wherever I am located. It is thrilling for me when this bird I call “STELLER” comes squawking at my window ! Just had people witnessed this connection again, as Steller flew deliberately to a short tree right next to me, then proceeded to speak to me face to face.  I fed him of course – then went back inside the cabin to the room I set up as a Studio. Believe me –  it was amazing when Steller then found the right window of the room I was in and sat there for a bit squawking, as if to say thank you.  Yesterday – he even found me and started squawking loudly as I was on the path to the cabin. That bird Knows where I am –  inside or out !
Are you aware of the birds that live around you ?