Birds Have Their Eye On YOU !

Great Horned Owl


Hi Fitz,

I loved your Bird story!  We have a neighborhood owl who hoots at me every evening when I take

Sasha (our dog) out.  I hoot back and we carry on a dialogue!

I have another story to share:  When my 80+ year old Mom lived at a retirement

community in Seattle, she took an early morning walk (6 – 7 a.m.) around her neighborhood

for an hour every day (rain or shine)!  She always carried dog treats and peanuts in her

pocket whenever she went for a walk or run.  She noted a crow that followed her along

her route every morning, hopping from tree to tree.  She threw him a peanut and sometimes

hid one here and there under a bush or near a rock to see if he could discover it.  He always

did.  He greeted her every morning for years!  She died peacefully at home with me at 84.  I imagine

the crow has adopted someone else in the interim !
Dr. Carol Shabrami
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