Enjoy Pentecost Sunday ! Gouache Painting by FITZ Maurice


“PENTECOST” ~  is a Gouache Painting that FITZ Maurice created using her stunning “Signature Technique” ! Intense discipline is required to paint each line because each brush stroke simultaneously establishes the color, direction, and movement in the painting. This discipline does not emerge from a mindset but rather from “surrender” a state of being that is willing to have creation gestate. Decision making, ego and criticism are left behind, allowing divine guidance to lead the way. The artist feels that this creation is ultimately greater than she could have imagined because it was through this transcended state of being  that she grew to understand what the significance of Pentecost truly is.

Gouache is a water-base paint. It has more pigment in the paint than watercolors. Watercolor is transparent to translucent. Gouache is more about solid areas of color that do not look washed.

The artist has won awards and international acclaim for creating this “Signature Technique” in the Gouache Paintings.

Vibrant Limited Edition of Prints, Total 100 – are Available !

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WOODS COVE ART GALLERY – 1963 South Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach,Ca.